Each north american nation must assert its valid claims to patriotic status we all are of the same country

With equal national rights liberals

refuse national rights for obvious historically obvious


Uneven Exploitation must continue

While oppression a l8beral no no

Must be camouflage

All north american nations are equal

From first nations to last

Each has a unique heritage and legacy

Each strives for liberation

Spontaneously both righteously and wrongheaded

Even us settler pale faces

Have a place here

First nations to last

We are all north Americans now

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Viva LR

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Blew off all that ON hot air and forgot my pount

These north american nations struggle

Amongst themselves


Is a righteously aggressive assertion

Of patriotic status

This is never a zero sum contest

Though it can easily bevcouched as one

Comrades we must all welcome 1619

And celebrate it

Not as a purgative of white sins

But as a glorious celebration

of the black north america struggle

Assert assert assert

international sympatric

righteous struggles

Are the glory of our shared continent

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First that I heard Sean Wilentz is an enemy of the Left. That would be the same Sean Wilentz on the board of Dissent? Wilentz the consistent ent of Reaganism and it's Trumpy progeny? Give me a break.

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I haven't read The 1619 Project, but it's on my shelf, waiting. I've heard commentators opine not that capitalism is founded on race but that specifically North American capitalism had to invent race, specifically anti-Black racism, to justify the institution of slavery that enabled it (North American capitalism) to thrive.

For me the problem is one of organizing: how to insist that class is fundamental, and insist that the real enemy is capitalism, while acknowledging the special role of slavery and anti-Black racism in perpetuating it. How to insist on class solidarity while neither ignoring nor minimizing the racism that most people of color experience as their primary and most immediate form of oppression.

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The range of the national.question

Is broad enough for more then a few

Conflicting visions

Community is a soft word

Nation among nations


The very phrasing

sweats with the wounds of past antagonisms

Why should the contradictions vanish

At the intonement

Of a liberal.wish

While super exploitation remains the fact on the ground

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We do get into ruts in our thinking. Interesting new intervention in class vs. race issues is Matthew Desmond's Poverty, by America. Desmond has good creds in that, while emphasizing poverty in all groups, he was a part of the 1619 Project. Max and others may wish to review it. Somebody should.

Paul R

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