I am glad you are staying in DSA. I will have to reread your statement at least one or more times before commenting further. It has made me rethink how I would approach the Local with the Isserman article. My interactions with DSA Houston members in their 20's: 1) nobody has heard of Harrington. 2). the majority (aside from the few refugees from ISO etc) are not that interested in the European war Ukraine, but agree that we should not send arms. 3). they are not really that interested in 1917, Eastern European history, WW II the Cold War , left sectarian history the Holocaust and the topics we older lefties obsess over. 4) they do react strongly to Israeli Apartheid, but in a relatively relaxed fashion.

I was thinking of starting a thread in Northstar "I am writing a mass letter of resignation from Northstar and want folks to sign on."

After a few line spaces at the bottom in the tiniest letters possible would be "just kidding". Paul Rowe warned me not to do so in that he sees no sense of humor in NS.

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Hi Max: If I you thought I was intentionally rude to you at the Politics and Prose book signing several decades ago, I apologize. Public events are hard for me, not being a particularly public person. And I can see that could come off as aloof, but not intended, believe me. As for the question of "entryists," I'm enough of a historian to believe that ultimately historians 20 years from now will settle the importance of their role in DSA's demise.

best, Maurice ("Morris")

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